Once upon a time...two feet!


Veronica's workhorse, performed in more than 30 countries, is the show that has confirmed her as an international artist, winning prestigious awards both in Italy and abroad.

A variety of puppets are born from the feet and legs of the artist who, appealing to her femininity and charisma, fully expresses her talent as an actress and puppeteer, interpreting original stories adapted to all audiences.

Take a closer look and notice that one puppetface is the bottom of her foot!
The stories played by such expressive characters quickly steals the attention and lures the audience into the show and you almost fell as thoughyouare watching an animated cartoon.

Everyone is welcome to this heartwarming puppet theatre transcending language and age of the audience.

The show is loved by children and acclaimed by adults. Guaranteed success!

Artistic sheet:

Performance name: "Once upon a time...two feet"

Gender: Feet Theater (use of the feet in the manner of puppets) Puppets, Acting, Masks

Audience: All ages (+4)

Actress: Veronica Gonzalez

Lighting design: Rocío Matosas

Puppets, costumes and stage objects: Laura Kibel, Guendalina Salvigni, Rocío Matosas

Musical arrangements: Gaetano Ferrara

Photography: Mauro Menichetti

Directed by Laura Kibel

Verónica González has been present on the world stage, on the international theater and television scene for more than 25 years. Acclaimed by the public s and critics, awarded by originality and visual impact the TEATRO DEI PIEDI “Feet Theatre” continues to wake up unforgettable emotions

Technical information:

Title: Once upon a time…two feet!
Gender: Feet Theater / Puppets Theater
Public: families
Duration: 60 minutes

Set up: 3 hours.

Dismantling time: 1 hour.

Scenic space: Black box with at least 2 legs

Minimum scenic size: 6 m proscenium opening x 4 m depth. The stage has to be at least 1 mt high from orchestra.

2 amplified speakers

2 monitors
1 mixer to connect with pc

Lights rider attached.

Other needs:

-1 mixing board placed next to the lighting table to be operated by one technician. We need a technical support during the show.

-Dressing room with a mirror and toilette.

-The scenic space must be clean and ready to be able to assembly the show and work barefoot.

- Access for the Company´s cargo van to the theater loading dock.

Performances abroad. IMPORTANT:

For flights: 2 bags size: 1,10cmx50cmx40xcm and 20 kg each.

Required cachet + VISAS + travel expenses and accommodation x 2 persons (actress+assistent) are of charge of the organization

Contacts and information:

Italy: Terzostudio s.r.l.

Alberto Masoni: +39 347 3656244 Office: + 39 0571 485078

Spain & Greece: Juanjo Corrales: +34 688611614 /

 +30 6977635606

USA & China : Jody Chen Entertainment Promoter

+1(302)668 7221

Sviluppare creatività integrando arte, musica, patrimonio culturale, storytelling. Foto Mic che utilizziamo
Sviluppare creatività integrando arte, musica, patrimonio culturale, storytelling.
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Mic che utilizziamo per corso theradioison
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